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Step up Your Glam through the Best Hotels in Sydney!

By Nick K, Posted on 06 Sep, 2021 at 06:17 pm

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Sydney, the capital of Australia famous for its sights, sprawling tourism destinations, and beach bay views, has set up the ramp for a bustling tourism experience in the country! Home to the popular Bondi Beach, the Sydney Harbor entices the surfing culture and luxury beach lifestyle. It is considered the best sandy area for beaches in Australia and its neighboring countries.

And not to forget, who hasn’t heard about the globally famous Sydney Opera House, The Sydney Harbor Bridge, Luna Park that is Sydney’s most iconic tourism destination for amusements, and Royal Botanical Garden featuring some of the oldest trees that are planted in it, dating back to the early 19th century? Nestled in the region of the sea, this location has benefitted Sydney with a few extra bonuses; the seafood here! The Seafood Center here is famous for a quite basic reason, and that is its freshness. The chefs here are known to serve you the best of the seafood cuisines so fresh that they will leave you wondering that it won't jump out of your plate!

What’s waiting for you in Sydney?

Touring this place has its different charms, and by being always near the sea, you never have to worry about planning perfect romantic sunset dates here; the right moment is always there for you! Below are some places mentioned that you won’t ever regret visiting while touring Sydney, Australia!

Places to Visit in Sydney:

  • Sydney Opera House:
    This multi-venue performing arts center hosts around 1,600 various stage performances every year, which include opera music, ballet, theater shows, and plays, dance shows, musical nights, kids stage plays & theater shows, and comedy stage plays that hold a meaningful moral at the end. You can enjoy the snacks from the Bennelong Restaurant and the Opera Kitchen or can also opt for pre-stage play drinks at the famous Opera Bar.
  • Luna Park:
    A quite rare style of an amusement park built in the 1930’s predominantly in the Art Deco Style and has about 23 thrilling theme park rides, of which 4 of them are monster rollercoasters! Having a slogan of “Just for fun," this theme park has stolen the hearts of many people and is one of the heritages of Sydney Harbor!
  • Sydney Harbor Bridge:
    An Australian Steel Heritage of the region, this harbor bridge has one of the most stunning and scenic views of the city across the sea. Sunsets here are definitely not to miss! The climb up this iconic steel bridge is pure fun, resulting in a blissful 360-degree panoramic view of the stunning city and the outer regions of the Sydney Opera House.

How to Get Around the City?

While traveling to Sydney, it's important to keep a check on the mode of travel you're opting for. Here are some of the best modes to travel in this sprawling city of Australia:

Via Metro:

Traveling via metro from one place to another in this city is the most common way to cover up your distances in small durations. You can pick the local metro here and travel to whichever place you like! And it’s pretty essential to note that Sydney is the only Australian city where you’ll observe a complete proper metro system that started in 2019. No other city in Australia except Sydney owns this accessible mode of commute!

Via Local Buses and Trains:

Coaches, local buses, and train routes are going to get you most out of the city as you’ll be commuting with the locals here, giving you an essence of how it feels to be a local here. Australia’s national bus and coach route operator Greyhound offers flexible bus boarding passes according to your distance based on kilometers you wish to travel.

Train traveling is the best way to explore and indulge yourself in the scenic views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and is one of the most convenient methods to commute for tourism. Local train route operators include TrainLink, V-Line, Queensland Rail, and TransWA for travels via train.

Best Hotels to Book for Your Trip:

To get most of the tour of Australia, you might fall in need of booking the best hotels in Sydney according to your needs and demands of luxury. Here below are some of the best possible Sydney Hotels for you to consider booking for your recreations:

Shangri La Sydney:

Located in Cumberland, Sydney, this is one of the best hotel choices one can make while traveling to Sydney! Mainly known for its hotel views for Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, this accommodational site offers guests a relaxing daily luxury spa experience along with an indoor pool, a fitness center, and a Blu Bar on 36 inspired from the NYC is a perfect place to be creative for your evening and late-night cocktails.

Four Seasons Sydney:

Located in George Street and the Central Business District Sydney (CBD), this hotel in Sydney is a splendid option to go for the best seashore views of Sydney. What makes this place a top-notch option is its beautiful Sydney Opera House views along with the iconic Circular Quay. The place offers Chinese tea upon request. The Mode Kitchen and Bar offers the best tempting meals, whereas the Grain bar offers a wide selection of wine, crafted spirits, and cocktails.

Park Hyatt Sydney:

Spend your day here in the tanning pool, and then treat yourself to a luxury bathing experience at the spa here! Located in the heart of Sydney, this hotel brings you the best of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge, along with the scenic views of the shoreline through private balconies.

Book Park Hyatt Sydney

Intercontinental Sydney:

This site, built on the 19th-century old iconic building in the Circular Quay, offers stunning views of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. The specialty of this hotel is that it offers a mini bar in every hotel room!

Watsons Bay Hotel:

With spectacular beachfront views, Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel features one of the most stunning views of Sydney Harbor and the beautiful skyline of this Australian city!

On an end note, Sydney is one of the best cities to begin for your tourism or honeymoon trip. The place offers the best seashore views and nightlife scene where you can spend your carefree days!

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